Q2 2014 Earnings Call Transcript

Transcript Call Date 04/03/2014

We are forecasting a five-year NAND demand CAGR in the high 30% to low 40% range. As we've seen recently in NAND, additions to industry capacity can cause volatility in the market, given the challenge of matching long-term capacity decisions with short-term demand trends. However, we are very bullish about the future of NAND Flash and we believe that this will be very healthy market. There are strong demand drivers and elasticity to drive rebalancing.

Micron NAND process technology positioning remained strong. During the quarter, we continued to make progress on rampant yields of our 20-nanometer and industry-leading 16- nanometer technologies.

The product team has also delivered some exciting new products and innovations to our customers including the markets best-performing PCIe SSD solution. We're taking steps to better enable our high performance MLC and SLC components in value added segments and sockets, such as Enterprise SSD and Mobile eMMC in our mobile applications. And continue to add resources in controller, firmware, software, and packaging technologies to support this effort.

Relative to Micron Memory Taiwan, formerly known as Rexchip in Taiwan, and since the end of last quarter, we've been engaged in the purchase of residual shares not previously owned by Micron. As a result of these traditional purchases, today we've purchased all, but about 0.5% of the outstanding shares. Total consideration paid for the incremental 10.6% of the Company was approximately $145 million.

Finally, I'd like to update you on the litigation matter related to Inotera. As you may recall, in the fall of 2008 Micron purchased Qimonda shares of Inotera. In January of 2011, the trustee for the Qimonda bankruptcy proceedings filed suit against Micron in Munich seeking among other things to undo the share purchase agreement from that transaction and to get the Inotera shares transferred back to the Qimonda estate.

On March 13, we received the decision from the court in Germany. On the one hand the decision rejects the trustee claimed for the alleged value of participating in the Inotera JV, on the other hand, a part of the decision that is intermediate and not yet enforceable would require Micron Semiconductor B.V. to retransfer the purchased Inotera shares to the Qimonda estate.

The court also determined that the patent cost license agreement that was entered into at that time is cancelled. There will be an update to the litigation discussed in our 10-Q, but since the material portions of the decision are not currently enforceable nor in our view probable. There are not any material adjustments to our second quarter earnings. We believe the Court's findings against us are wrong and we will, of course, appeal.

In conclusion, let me confirm we're very pleased with the results of the quarter and the outlook for Micron, an healthy memory industry dynamics, remain focused on optimizing value for our shareholders and worldwide customers in 2014 and beyond.

I'll stop here and turn it over to Ron and Mark before turning for Q&A.

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