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Q2 2013 Earnings Call Transcript

Transcript Call Date 07/24/2013

Number two, we are an and story. Some people tend to think we're just an emerging market story. We're very much an and story. The established markets of the world offer high per capita income, but at the same time, they're not going to offer much growth because there isn't much population there, but we have discovered lots of white space in those markets, so we'll continue to grow in those markets. But the real engine of growth will be the emerging markets of the world. 87% of the population lives in emerging market, so we're an and story.

Third point I want to make, the levers that are disposed of in this business really provide the opportunity to mitigate a lot of the negatives that are going on in the world, political disruption, economic issues that are going on in different markets of the world. And as I get into my comments, I'll drill down on that.

And fourth and the – the fourth thing I would really mention to you is that our penetration, it's still early days for us, and we've got a lot of runway left. We've got runway in established markets where there's this higher per capita income. And if you think of these established markets, almost like the high-density metropolitan centers of countries like France, Germany, Italy, that's where we're under-penetrated, because in the past, we simply didn't have the product line for younger working women who really don't want to cook but they still love our product line.

We've also had to alter the way we sold, and there it went from a traditional Tupperware party to a much more of a girls' night out.

Now in our emerging markets, it's just a question of two things; penetration, we're at very low levels; and productivity gains of the party, as we introduce new products. So we really think we're going to grow in both of those ways. So that's the fourth thing; penetration and productivity.

Now let me get to the slides, and I'll – I'm going to go right now to Slide 3. That basically summarizes what happened in the second quarter. You see the 8% rise in sales. I'll tell you, in this kind of a global market, 8% makes us happy. We have some markets we're not happy with, but the top line, when we put it all together, looks good. It was strong across our emerging markets and improving trends in a number of our established markets. So you see this mix of up 14% in emerging and in established down 1 point.

Total sales force, we made progress there. Mike will get into that. Now it is plus 3%, but we're still cleaning out in some of the markets. But this was the delta, the 2 points sequential improvement on our sales force comparisons from the previous quarter. We're pleased too to see cash flow significantly ahead and also nice to see we returned so much cash to our shareholders, and there you see the numbers on that third slide.

Let me turn to Slide 4 with regard to our sales increase. There, you really do see the segments, and it shows Q2 year-over-year emerging market growth and the percentage of the emerging versus established markets for the second quarter. Now, we are up to emerging markets. They are up 65% and we had growth everywhere except Beauty North America and by the way, we expect that number to keep, but again, 87% of the population lives in emerging markets. If you look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs; food, clothing and shelter, if you get an emerging middle-class, our product line is the sweet spot. So, don't be surprised that probably before I'm gone that, that number is in the mid to high 70s.

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