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Q4 2013 Earnings Call Transcript

Transcript Call Date 05/30/2013

Shailendra Maru - Associate Director, Stakeholder Relations: Thank you, Amba. Welcome to all of you on the investor call of State Bank of India hosted by Edelweiss Financial Services. Before we commence the call, I will like to request Ms. Rita, General Manager at the State Bank to read out the Safe Harbor provisions. Madam?

G. Rita - Deputy GM: Thank you, Mr. Maru. Welcome to all of you on the conference call of State Bank of India to discuss the audited FY '13 results and business update. Certain statements that may be made or discussed during the conference call maybe forward looking statements based on the current expectations of the management of State Bank of India Group. Actual results may vary from these statements. Investors are, therefore, requested to check the information independently before making any investment of other decisions. Thank you.

Back to you Mr. Maru.

Shailendra Maru - Associate Director, Stakeholder Relations: Thank you, madam. I will now request Vikas Khemani, President and Head of Wholesale Capital Market at Edelweiss to introduce the State Bank management team. Vikas, please go ahead.

Vikas Khemani - President, Co-Head Wholesale Capital Markets: Thank you, Shailendra. Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to all the participants from all over the world. I welcome all of you to State Bank of India's investor call to discuss the audited financial year '13 earnings and other business updates. SBI's top management is represented by none other than the Chairman himself Mr. Pratip Chaudhuri under whose leadership SBI has started newer courses. He is joined by Mr. Hemant Contractor, Managing Director and Group Executive International Banking Group; and Mr. Krishna Kumar, Managing Director and Group Executive National Banking Group; and Mr. Diwakar Gupta the Managing Director and CFO. Also Mr. S. Vishwanathan Managing Director Group Executive Associate and Subsidiaries and other top executive of the SBI.

I would like to thank on behalf of Edelweiss team the top management of the SBI for taking time out and giving us opportunity to host the call for market investors from all over the world.

Now without taking much of the time, let me hand over the call to Mr. Chaudhuri for the opening remarks and free flow conversation will all of you. Thank you. Over to you sir.

Pratip Chaudhuri - Chairman: Welcome to the conference call. Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to everybody. I will just spend about few minutes giving a summary of the results and as we see it. Firstly, the profits of the bank on a consolidated basis at INR 179 billion is up about 17% from last year, which is INR 153 billion and on a standalone basis it is INR 141 billion compared to INR 117 billion, 20% up.

Why we put the consolidated in front, because State Bank of India apart from being a bank is also a holding company, which has substantial liquidity holding in five banks and one life insurance company, asset management company, investment bank, et cetera, et cetera. So about 30% of the equity of the bank is working in its associates and subsidiaries in order to give a full view of the earnings thereof, we thought it is important to present to you the consolidated and also at times some of the subsidiaries may not be doing well. So if we don't bring that to the fore, it may give to rise to (indiscernible) giving that whether the bad part is being shadowed in the subsidiaries.

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