China Mobile Ltd ADR CHL
Q4 2012 Earnings Call Transcript

Transcript Call Date 03/14/2013

Operator: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to China Mobile Limited's 2012 Annual Results Announcement Briefing. In today's briefing, our Company management will first present the overall results and then take questions from the audience.

First of all, let me introduce the senior management attending today's briefing. Mr. Xi Guohua, Executive Director and Chairman; Mr. Li Yue, Executive Director and CEO; Mr. Xue Taohai, Executive Director, Vice President and CFO; Mr. Sha Yuejia, Executive Director and Vice President; Mr. Liu Aili, Executive Director, Vice President.

Now, I would like to hand the word to Chairman Xi to present the overall results for 2012.

Xi Guohua - Chairman: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to our 2012 ending results announcement briefing. Today's presentation is divided into three parts. I will present the overall result for 2012. Then Mr. Li will talk about the operating performance. Finally, Mr. Xue will walk you through the financial results.

Let me walk you through the Company's overall performance for 2012. In 2012, the Company overcame various difficulties and fared serious challenges. We actively transformed strategies and promote innovation to continuously enhance our strategy implementation capabilities, leveraging our scale advantage and leading quality and services, our operating performance achieved stable growth.

Operating revenue up 6.1%; net profit margin at 23.1%; total customer base exceed 700 million; total voice usage up 7.8%. Data business developed fast, but revenue up to 29.7% of total.

Wireless data traffic business has been a strong impetus. Revenue grew by 53.6%. 3G customers nearly 88 million. TD-LTE achieved accelerated development and satisfactory results in scale trial. We strive to creating value for shareholders.

Our full year dividend for 2012 is HK$3.411 per share. Dividend payout ratio for 2013 is planned at 43%.

Here are the key operating data for 2012, showing stable growth. Rise in penetration resulted intensifying competition amongst operations, particularly for existing business.

The ICT sector is transforming with increasing Internet business substitution, which brings serious (task) and challenges to the Company. We also see that new industrialization, informatization, urbanization, and agricultural modernization in China will widen the prospects of information services. The proliferation of smartphones will promote rapid growth of data traffic and application, which will further Company's revenue equation. Meanwhile, the world is recalibrating to next-generation mobile communications, which brings space and opportunities for the Company's development.

To capture opportunities and to fare challenges, the Company established a strategy encompassing four-network coordination, full-service and mobile Internet which drive to transfer our strategies, change or innovate to continuously enhance capabilities in networks, marketing management and teaming. The Company is fully confident about its future.

In 2012, our 3G business enjoyed satisfactory development with nearly 88 million customers. We continued to optimize customer structure. The proportion of handsets customers, smartphones, in particular, have been growing. The Company continued to promote construction and usage of the 3G network. Base stations reached 280,000 (rich) provider coverage in county-level and above cities, and some villages and towns and contiguous coverage in large and medium-sized cities. Network utilization increased by 10.8 percentage points from last year to reach 24.6%.

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