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By Jeremy Glaser |

The Week Ahead: Fed Set to Move on Interest Rates

The market is expecting an increase in rates at the Fed's meeting. Plus, earnings from Oracle, Nike, General Mills, and more.

Jeremy Glaser: The Fed meeting, which wraps up on Wednesday, is likely to be the most watched event of the week. A strong labor market coupled with inflation concerns make it quite likely the central bank will move to raise rates. The market is currently pricing in the probability of close to 90% of that happening. We'll also hear from new chair Jerome Powell in a press conference after the statement release.

Wide-moat Oracle reports Monday. Analyst Rodney Nelson thinks the shares look overvalued today and that the firm's database business faces a murkier future than many believe.

Nike's scale has helped it withstand challenges in North America, according to analyst John Brick. Shares look fairly valued ahead of earnings.

General Mills, which will report on Wednesday, announced last month that is buying natural pet food company Blue Buffalo for $8 billion. Sonia Vora sees the stock trading at an attractive price today.

Other earnings include Darden, KB Home, and FedEx.

Stay tuned for our take on these stories.

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