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By Debbie S. Wang | 02-05-2018 10:00 AM

For Matters of the Heart (Valve), We Like Medtronic

We think this wide-moat device-maker has a lead in the transcatheter mitral valve market.

Debbie Wang: We recently took a deeper look at the transcatheter mitral valve market, which is a minimally invasive way to replace or repair the mitral valve, which is actually the most common valve malfunction out there. Coming off the heels of the incredible commercialization and success of the aortic valves, a lot of the cardiac device-makers are looking at mitral now as a potential growth driver in the future.

Of the device-makers that are pursuing this technology, we think that Medtronic has a lead. They have a head start and are first in line with their pivotal trial that's going on right now. If this company can manage to commercialize the product successfully, we think that there could be 22% upside to its share price. That's something that long-term investors should keep in mind.

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