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By Jeremy Glaser | 01-18-2018 11:00 AM

Starbucks Undervalued, Netflix Overvalued Ahead of Earnings

We'll also be digging into reports from GE, P&G, J&J and many other firms this week.

Jeremy Glaser: Earnings season rolls on this week.

GE's results on Wednesday come after the firm announced a large charge last week related to its insurance business and amid reports that company is considering breaking itself up.

Last quarter, Netflix added a larger than expected number of users but continued to have elevated cash flow burn. Analyst Neil Macker sees the shares as significantly overvalued today.

Starbucks shares are trading in 4-star range ahead of its earnings release on Thursday. Analyst R.J. Hottovy calls it one of the most compelling growth stories in the global consumer space.

In December, Procter & Gamble backed down in its proxy fight with activist Nelson Peltz and gave him a board seat. Analyst Erin Lash doesn't expect Peltz's appointment to radically shift the firm's strategic direction, but it may accelerate some changes. The firm reports Tuesday.

Other earnings include Johnson & Johnson, Verizon, Comcast, Ford, and 3M.

Stay tuned for our take on all of these stories.

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