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By Jeremy Glaser | 12-04-2017 12:00 AM

The Week Ahead: Fed Set to Raise Interest Rates

The Fed's decision on rates comes Wednesday amid other data including the consumer price index and retail sales. Plus, earnings from Costco.

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COST Costco Wholesale Corp

Jeremy Glaser: As Janet Yellen's tenure at the Fed comes to an end, the central bank will meet this week. The market is pricing a more than 90% change that rates will go higher on Wednesday. The economic projections will also be closely watched for signs that the bank is considering raising rates at a faster than expected clip.

There are some other interesting data releases this week including an inflation update in the consumer price index and a peek at the strength of the consumer with retail sales. Industrial production and job openings are also due.

There's not much in the way of earnings, with the exception of Costco on Thursday. The firm has been weathering a tough retail environment well, but analyst John Brick doesn't see value in the shares today.

Stay tuned for our take on these stories.

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