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By | 12-01-2017 02:00 PM

Investing Insights: Sizing Up Vanguard's Active ETF

Vanguard's active ETF is no game-changer; Iron Mountain's dividend is a risky bet; and a positive outlook for Hasbro and Mattel.

Editor's note: We are presenting Morningstar's Investing Insights podcast here. You can subscribe on iTunes.

This week on the podcast, Ben Johnson recaps Vanguard's active ETF launch announcement; Eric Compton says to be wary of this dividend payer; Miriam Sjoblom looks at where PIMCO stands three years after Bill Gross' departure; we highlight a shipper with a widening moat; Vanguard's Joe Brennan says indexing isn't distorting the markets; and Jaime Katz sees a bright holiday shopping season for toymakers.

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