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By Jeremy Glaser | 11-16-2017 12:00 AM

The Week Ahead: November Wraps With Flurry of Data

We're watching for personal consumption, the ISM manufacturing gauge, and auto sales. Plus, Tiffany and Kroger report.

Jeremy Glaser: Data will take center stage this week as November wraps up. We're waiting for the second estimate of third-quarter GDP on Wednesday, while personal consumption data and its underlying inflation gauge will be closely watched on Thursday.

Friday brings the ISM manufacturing index, auto sales, and construction spending.

There are limited earnings releases but a few worth keeping an eye on. Last quarter, Tiffany had solid overall results, but still saw a 2% decline in same-store sales. We will see how the jeweler is faring on Wednesday.

The grocery store space has been in focus since Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods has started to shift the competitive dynamic. Narrow-moat Kroger, which reports Thursday, is in a good position to compete, according to analyst John Brick.

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