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By Jeremy Glaser | 11-01-2017 12:00 AM

The Week Ahead: Undervalued Disney Reports Amid Headwinds

We expect the firm's strong brands to be able to withstand cord-cutting concerns. Plus, we'll get reports from Twenty-First Century Fox, News Corp., Snap, and more.

Jeremy Glaser: With the bulk of earnings behind us, it's shaping up to be a quieter week.

Concerns over the future of ESPN, among other issues, have weighed on Disney with shares shedding more than 10% of their value over the last three months. Ahead of earnings, analyst Neil Macker sees the stock as undervalued, as he expects the firm's strong brands to be able to withstand cord-cutting headwinds. Twenty-First Century Fox and News Corp are also on tap.

No-moat Snap reports on Tuesday. Last quarter, the firm had disappointing second-quarter results, according to analyst Ali Mogharabi, as the firm was unable to post robust user growth. Other earnings include Johnson Controls, CVS Health, and Coach.

There isn't much in the way of data, but we'll keep an eye on the JOLTs report for another look at the labor market and the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment reading.

Stay tuned to Morningstar for our take on these stories.

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