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By Jeremy Glaser | 09-14-2017 10:00 AM

The Week Ahead: Closely Watching the Fed Meeting

Though the chance of a rate hike seems slim, the Fed's statement will offer clues on what's next. Plus, housing data and earnings from Adobe and FedEx.

Jeremy Glaser: The Fed meeting will likely be the highlight of the week ahead, along with housing data and a smattering of earnings.

The market thinks the chance of a rate hike at the central bank's meeting this week are virtually nil, but the statement will be eyed for the committee's read on if inflation will bounce back and for more information on how and when they plan to begin the balance sheet normalization process.

Housing starts, building permits, and existing home sales will be the biggest data releases.

There are some earnings, too, this week. Adobe reports on Tuesday. Analyst Rodney Nelson has described the firm has one of the "best run" in our software coverage universe, as they've turned into a string of impressive results.

FedEx also will release results on Tuesday, and the continued integration of TNT Express will likely be a hot topic.

Other earnings include Autozone, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and CarMax.

Stay tuned for our take on these stories.

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