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By | 08-23-2017 12:00 AM

The Week Ahead: Key Data for Fed on Tap

The jobs report will reveal whether employment growth continued its momentum into August; plus, consumer spending and a look at the strength of the industrial economy.

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DG Dollar General Corp
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BBY Best Buy Co Inc
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We're awaiting a fair amount of data as September starts.

The August jobs report on Friday comes after a stronger-than-expected July. Another good report could help keep the Fed on its path of normalizing their balance sheet this fall and raising rates once more this year.

The consumption report on Thursday will also be closely watched by the Fed for a snapshot of both inflation and the strength of the consumer.

And we'll get a sense of the strength of the industrial economy from auto sales and the ISM Index.

The second estimate of second-quarter GDP is also due.

Earnings seasons is behind us, but there are a few reports. Best Buy has shown strength recently behind encouraging online sales and helped along by new gaming hardware and phone sales. We'll see if that momentum continues on Tuesday.

Other earnings include Workday, Campbell Soup, and Dollar General. 

Stay tuned for our take on all of these stories.

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