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By Jeremy Glaser | 08-17-2017 12:00 AM

The Week Ahead: Will Salesforce's Momentum Continue?

We're also watching for earnings from Toll Brothers, Lowe's, Tiffany, and HP. Plus, new and existing home sales and durable goods orders.

Jeremy Glaser: It's set to be a quiet week with earnings season mostly behind us.

Wide-moat Salesforce reports on Tuesday. The software as a service pioneer hit the ground running in the first quarter, according to our analyst, Rodney Nelson, with strong growth in Europe and Asia-Pacific. We'll see if that momentum continues. Luxury homebuilder Toll Brothers will also release results on Tuesday and will provide a glimpse into the strength of at least one section of the housing market.

Other earnings include Lowe's, which reports on the back of strong sales at Home Depot, Tiffany, which is under new management, and HP Inc.

Data releases are sparse with new and existing home sales and durable goods orders.

Stay tuned for our take on these stories.

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