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By Greg Carlson | 06-12-2017 02:00 PM

This Large-Cap Global Fund Is a Solid Long-Term Choice

Bronze-rated Artisan Global Equity invests in rapid growers alongside more steady growth stocks.

Greg Carlson: Artisan Global Equity is a world large-cap stock fund that we think is a solid long-term holding. The fund was launched in 2010, but it's run by a highly experienced management team led by Mark Yockey, who has been running global and international strategies for more than 27 years. He is backed by a highly experienced team of two comanagers and 13 analysts.

They take a diversified approach to growth investing. They invest in a number of rapid growers, but they also own more steady, stable growers. Finally, they own some turnaround plays as well.

The fund had a difficult 2016 because it had minimal commodities exposure, and it also had some errant healthcare picks. However, its returns are very strong since inception.

The fund's fees are above average, but it has a small asset base at this point, so we think fees will decline as it grows larger. The fund earns a Bronze Morningstar Analyst Rating.

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