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By Jeremy Glaser | 06-16-2016 12:00 PM

Week Ahead: Earnings Results and Key Data as Quarter Ends

Upcoming data on consumption and inflation will be an indicator of consumer health. Plus, Nike earnings and an update on Olive Garden parent Darden.

For Morningstar, I'm Jeremy Glaser and welcome to The Week Ahead, our quick take on what investors should have on their radar screens for the week starting June 27.

We'll wrap up the second quarter this week with a handful of earnings results and some important data.

Consumption and inflation data due Wednesday provide another glimpse at how the consumer is holding up in light of May's disappointing jobs report. The inflation number will also be closely eyed to see if there are signs that the Fed is falling behind on keeping prices levels in check.

The ISM manufacturing index, auto sales, the third estimate of first-quarter GDP, and pending home sales are also due.

Nike shares have been under some pressure over the last few months after some weak guidance and concerns about the impact of the Sports Authority bankruptcy. The firm reports earnings Tuesday.

Olive Garden parent Darden has been posting upbeat results as management has been executing what our analyst calls "one of the industry's more intriguing turnaround stories." We will get an update on that turnaround on Thursday.

The week also features earnings from General Mills, ConAgra, McCormick, and Monsanto.

Stay tuned to Morningstar for our take on all of these stories.

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