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By Richard Hilgert | 11-10-2015 04:00 PM

Don't Expect a Bargain for Wide-Moat Ferrari Shares

The luxury automaker's stock will probably trade at rich levels akin to the rich heritage of the company.

Richard Hilgert: Ferrari (RACE) came public recently at the end of October. Investors would probably be very interested in this stock because of its rich history, because of its involvement with Formula One racing on a global basis, and the fact that this company makes nothing but ultraluxury high-end sports vehicles. So, it's a very attractive company, very sexy in the sense that this is a luxury-goods automaker--not just a car company.

However, this stock will probably trade at the rich levels that are akin to the rich heritage of the company. Right now, the stock trades at the high end of the range that we saw for valuations prior to the IPO.

At this point, if investors were able to pick up the stock at a 3-star level or better, we think that they'd be doing very well with this wide-moat company. 

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