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By Leo Acheson, CFA | 01-21-2015 09:00 AM

JPMorgan Hits the Mark in Target-Date Funds

Morningstar's Allocation Fund Manager of the Year stands out with its attention to investor behavior, greater diversification, and tactical tilts.

Leo Acheson: Hi, I'm Leo Acheson, manager research analyst here at Morningstar, and I have with me Anne Lester and Dan Oldroyd, portfolio managers of the JPMorgan SmartRetirement target-date funds. Anne and Dan and the rest of the team are also winners of Morningstar's 2014 Allocation Fund Manager of the Year award.

So, guys, thank you for being here and congratulations on the award.

Anne Lester: Thank you so very much. We are thrilled to be here and very honored by this.

Dan Oldroyd: It's a pleasure. Thank you.

Acheson: So, as I had referred to, you two take the lead on the SmartRetirement funds, but you work with a broader team. Could you briefly describe the rest of your team that also won the award?

Lester: Sure. In our team, we have a collection of folks that represent all kinds of different functions, whether it is fundamental macro research, quantitative analysis and research, portfolio construction, portfolio implementation, manager selection, and due diligence. So, basically, we have representatives from the entire team collaborating together to deliver the solution. The five main portfolio managers on the strategy who also include Jeff Geller, our CIO, Mike Schoenhaut, and Eric Bernbaum, all of us collectively think about the big decisions. And really, Mike and Eric are implementing on a day-to-day basis our tactical views and making sure every single idea that the broader team has gets into the portfolios.

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