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By Michael Herbst | 05-28-2009 12:07 PM

High-Yield 'Substitutes'

Loomis Sayles' Kathleen Gaffney discusses her broader definition of "high yield" and where her team had recently been finding good yields for the risk.

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Michael Herbst: Hello, I am Michael Herbst, mutual fund analyst with Morningstar, and we are at the Morningstar 2009 Investment Conference in Chicago. This afternoon I have the honor of being joined by Kathleen Gaffney, the vice president and co-portfolio manager at Loomis, Sayles & Company where she manages a number of funds alongside Dan Fuss. Kathleen, welcome.

Kathleen Gaffney: Thank you, Michael.

Herbst: I wanted to ask you right off the bat when we spoke a couple of weeks ago, obviously Loomis Sayles is widely known and widely respected for its credit research in the bond world, and when you and I spoke about opportunities that you were finding these days, you had mentioned the idea that you were viewing certain kinds of bonds almost as substitutes for high-yield. And, that grabs my attention given the fact that Loomis, Sayles has been comfortable in the high-yield space for quite some time. Could you explain the thinking behind that?

Gaffney: Sure, Michael. As you know, we tend to define high yield in a very broad manner. And, what's interesting about the current market environment is the dislocations in the market that we have seen: very strong flows into all the credit markets, investment grade and high-yield--but specifically the high-yield with those very strong funds flows--and investors, I would still say, being somewhat cautious and defensive.

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