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By Karin Anderson | 05-29-2009 03:56 AM

What's Moving Up in This Analyst Pick's Portfolio?

Jeff Cardon, manager of Analyst Pick Wasatch Small Cap Growth, describes how companies work their way up in the portfolio and discusses a firm that recently broke into his top 10 holdings.

Karin Anderson: Maybe lastly, you can talk about some new companies on your radar or maybe in the portfolio now. You tend to hang on to companies like O'Reilly Automotive for years and years, maybe over 10 years with that holding. So, I'm just interested to hear if there's anything new that you're carrying.

Jeff Cardon: Yeah, Karin. It really is true. We don't turn the portfolio over very much. I was talking to someone last night. They said, "Well, what have you done in the last month?" And I said, "Well, I think I made two trades." I mean, I don't do a lot in terms of trading the portfolio because we're really just trying to find great companies.Read Full Transcript

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