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By Michael Herbst | 05-29-2009 11:18 AM

Rivelle: Uncommon Opportunities in Bonds

The Metropolitan West CIO and manager Tad Rivelle talks about where he sees the best opportunities in fixed income.

Michael Herbst: Hello. I am Michael Herbst, mutual fund analyst with Morningstar. We are speaking with you today from the 2009 Morningstar Investment Conference. This morning I have the honor to be joined by Mr. Tad Rivelle, founding partner and chief investment officer at Metropolitan West Asset Management.

We just finished a panel at the conference entitled "Big Yields and Big Opportunities." Tad I just wanted to ask you. It seems where we have come in the fixed-income markets over the past six months; a lot of people are talking about very high yields on securities that investors might not ordinarily think of as being high-yielding securities.

Could you touch on that a little bit and give us a sense of where you are seeing the best opportunities among that broad opportunity set at this point?Read Full Transcript

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