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By Jeremy Glaser | 01-08-2010 01:01 PM

Smartphones 'Exploding' on Consumer Market

Palm's Paul Cousineau on the increasing consumer adoption of smartphones, app development on the firm's platform, and carrier vs. unlocked phones.

Jeremy Glaser: I'm here with Paul Cousineau of Palm at CES 2010. Paul, thanks for joining me.

Paul Cousineau: Thank you.

Glaser: So yesterday, or was it two days ago, Palm released the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus and announced it'll be available on Verizon later this month after being on Sprint for a year. How have the first six months of webOS and Pre, how do you guys view the success of the product so far?

Cousineau: We've had some incredible successes. It started out in June when we launched with Sprint, and then we moved to a number of countries and a number of carriers. We're in Canada. We're in a number of countries in Europe with Telefonica. We're in the UK, Germany, Spain and Ireland.

Then yesterday what we did is we announced that we are going to have two new products, the Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus. We also announced that we have two new partners, Verizon, but also SFR in France. So we've shown some steady momentum, and we're making great progress.

Glaser: So how important do you think that the application or the number of applications available is when people are deciding to buy a product?

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