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By Jason Stipp | 12-15-2009 09:29 AM

Gundlach on TCW Total Return's Liquidity

The former TCW CIO and manager comments on the liquidity of TCW Total Return as he left it.

Jason Stipp: I'm Jason Stipp with Morningstar. Jeffrey Gundlach, former CIO and former manager of TCW Total Return Bond announced on Monday the formation of a new firm, Double Line, with several of his former TCW colleagues. This in the wake of a shake-up at TCW through which that asset manager brought in Metropolitan West and took over Jeffrey's duties there at [TCW]. Joining me today is Jeffrey Gundlach to talk about his new venture. Thanks so much for joining me, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Gundlach: Great Jason. Glad to be here.

Stipp: So first question for you would be about your old fund. There were some reports that we read in the Wall Street Journal that were questioning the liquidity of the fund and we just wanted to ask you is the liquidity of that fund an issue for investors that would intend to stay in that fund or those who would want to leave that fund? Do you see that as being a problem that's been raised in the press?

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