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By Scott Burns | 11-04-2009 03:45 AM

Breaking Down Schwab's New ETF Offerings

Morningstar's Scott Burns talks to Schwab's Peter Crawford about the pricing, index-tracking, liquidity, and strategy behind the firm's new exchange-traded funds.

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Scott Burns: Breaking down Schwab's new ETF offering. Hi there, I'm Scott Burns, director of ETF analysis with Morningstar. I'm joined today by Peter Crawford, senior vice-president of investment management solutions with Charles Schwab. Peter, thanks for joining me.

Peter Crawford: Thanks for having me.

Burns: So, you've recently launched four new funds and you've got four more on the way. Let's start off by talking about the four funds that came out...

Crawford: Yesterday.

Burns: Yesterday.

Crawford: So they started trading yesterday. The four funds that started trading yesterday are the US Broad Market, US Large Cap, the US Small Cap, and our International Equity ETF.

Burns: OK. So then I start to a very basic core portfolio for asset allocators.

Crawford: Absolutely. And then we will have another four in December which will be our Large Cap Value, Large Cap Growth, our International Small Cap, and Emerging Markets ETFs.

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