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By Ryan Leggio | 09-29-2009 12:27 PM

Two Picks that Fit the Theme for Jordan Opportunity

Jordan Opportunity manager Jerry Jordan on the fund's stake in Myriad Genetics and NetEase.

Ryan Leggio: I know you run a relatively concentrated portfolio. Are there any names in particular that you've bought recently that just have terrific risk-adjusted dynamics?

Jerry Jordan: Sure. I mentioned Myriad Genetics. This is an incredible company. They've got a number of products that sort of fall into the OB/GYN space. Their big one is called BRAC Analysis, which is their own proprietary diagnostic test for telling whether you have a biological precursor potential for breast cancer. With the idea that if you can catch this early enough you can do, say, a lumpectomy or something so that people don't have to have a mastectomy. Or in situations where maybe there is a big family history, you can really stay on top of it.

Recently, sales have slowed down because fewer people are going to the doctor. They're concerned about their co-pays. They don't have the money for co-pays. They've lost their jobs so their medical coverage may not be as strong, so they're not going to spend a couple hundred bucks out of pocket for a test like this.

But I think inevitably, this will start to turn. As we get out of this year, comparisons get easier. Whatever health-care plan comes through, if anything does, whatever plan comes through, I think it's really going to focus on diagnostic.

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