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By Michael Herbst | 05-29-2009 03:32 AM

'Sleep Insurance' Bonds

Baird CIO Mary Ellen Stanek on finding the appropriate risk/reward trade-off for the core of an investor's bond portfolio.

Michael Herbst: Good morning. I'm Michael Herbst. I'm a mutual fund analyst with Morningstar, and we are broadcasting this morning from the 2009 Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago.

This morning I have the honor to be joined by Mary Ellen Stanek, the director of asset management and chief investment officer of Baird Advisors, where she and her team oversee the firm's suite of fixed-income funds. Mary Ellen, thank you for joining us this morning.

Mary Ellen Stanek: Thank, Michael. Great to be here.

Herbst: You have described your team's style, essentially, as serving as the core of the core of an investor's bond portfolio. Could you touch down on that a little bit just so we get a better sense of what that means to you?

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