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By Jeremy Glaser | 05-28-2009 01:57 PM

Hogan: Asian Markets Are Well Positioned

David Hogan, Client Portfolio Manager for Laudus Mondrian's Emerging Markets Fund sees emerging Asian markets as well positioned for the economic recovery.

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Jeremy Glaser: Hi, I'm Jeremy Glaser with Morningstar. I'm here today with Dave Hogan, Client Portfolio Manager for Laudus Mondrian's Emerging Markets Fund. Hi, Dave, it is good to be here with you.

David Hogan: Good morning, Jeremy.

Glaser: You know I think that emerging markets over the last year have really -- they took quite a beating. We saw valuation, multiples just compress and there was a lot of fear that the supposed decoupling of the emerging markets from some of the western markets didn't happen. What kind of opportunities do you see today in emerging markets after that big revaluation?

Hogan: It certainly has been an interesting time, Jeremy, that's for sure. 2008, after a really strong, strong run for emerging markets for about five years, in 2008 the MSCI Emerging Market Index was off over 53%. So you're right, there was a significant revaluation in emerging markets last year.

What we found is that that has created some opportunity. And markets may be choppy for a bit going forward, but what we're finding certainly with the recent performance of the markets, investors are coming back to the asset class for a lot of reasons, including which you mentioned that there was just a major revaluation last year.

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