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By Jeremy Glaser | 04-17-2009 11:24 AM

Has GE Turned the Corner?

Daniel Holland discusses GE's first-quarter results and dividend.

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GE General Electric Co
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Jeremy Glaser: Hi, I'm Jeremy Glaser, with, here with equity analyst Daniel Holland, who covers General Electric GE, which reported first quarter earnings this morning, and I have a few question about those for him.

So, Daniel, I think one of the big questions on everybody's mind is what's going on with GE Capital? Has this part of the business that's been struggling for so long started to turn the corner?

Daniel Holland: It's tough to say that it's actually turned the corner. They're really coming into the thick of the problems, which is kind of what started the conversation earlier this quarter, which eventually led the company to call an analyst meeting in the middle of March.

One of the things that you have to look at is, watching the charge-offs and the delinquencies, things like that, they're continuing to rise, because, as you think about it, we're really looking at the brunt of a recession. Unemployment's still not the greatest. And commercial real estate and whatnot has not come back down yet.

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