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By Scott Burns | 11-03-2008 01:28 PM

A Commodity ETN with Brains

This diversifier could replace long-only commodities exposure.

Scott Burns: Hello, I'm Scott Burns, director of ETF analysis here with Morningstar. We thought we'd take a little break from reporting on the market turmoil to talk about asset allocation.

We're thinking investors can't take their eye off the ball in terms of their long-term investing plans even with everything that's happening in the market. Given where some of the valuations in investor's portfolios have gone, I know a lot of you are probably thinking about rebalancing and making some changes right now.

Something we want to talk about in particular today is commodities. Commodities have obviously been moving around quite a bit. I think we've seen oil go from $60 to $140, back to $60 all in a year's span, and gold has been moving around a lot too.

In general asset allocation, commodities play a very special role. Here to talk to me today about that is analyst Bradley Kay. Thanks for joining me.

Bradley Kay: Glad to be here.

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