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By Pat Dorsey, CFA | 04-23-2008 12:37 PM

Big Blue's Take on Tech Trends (4/23/08)

What's sustaining IBM's economic moat.

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Pat Dorsey: Hi. I'm Pat Dorsey, Director of Equity Research at Morningstar. I'm delighted to have with me today Jesse Greene, Vice President Financial Management of  IBM IBM, to talk about some of the big picture issues facing such a huge corporation right now. Thanks for joining me, Jesse.

Jesse Greene: My pleasure to be here.

Pat Dorsey: So, tell me in your words, how would you describe IBM's competitive advantage or economic move? What is it you guys can do to keep the competition at bay?

Jesse Greene: We are focused on the customer's needs and providing high value to our customers. It's our technology, it's the quality of our services organization, our ability to identify the clients' needs and provide complete solutions to their business problems. It goes back to where the company -- decisions the company's made over a number of years to invest in software, to invest in technology, to invest in high value products and services that can serve the customer better and make us valuable to the customer. That's the competitive advantage of the IBM Company.

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