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By | 10-19-2016 01:00 PM

The Week Ahead: Slew of Updates in Heart of Earnings Season

We're watching for earnings from Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, and several pharma, auto, and energy names. Plus the first reading of the third-quarter GDP growth.

Jeremy Glaser: For Morningstar, I'm Jeremy Glaser, and welcome to The Week Ahead.

It's the heart of earnings season, and we're expecting a slew of updates. Apple's earnings will give us a look at the success of the launch of the iPhone 7. Expect Amazon's profitability to be closely eyed while Google parent Alphabet will reveal if it can keep its winning streak going.

Several pharma firms including Biogen, Eli Lilly, and Merck will report amid continued drug pricing worries. There have also been concerns that the auto market has topped out, so Ford and GM's results will be important markets of the current health of that industry.

In energy, oil majors Exxon Mobil and Chevron report on Friday. Other earnings include Visa, 3M, Coca-Cola, Boeing, Comcast, and Chipotle.

The advanced reading of third-quarter GDP growth is the highlight of the data week. We will also get some housing numbers and consumer sentiment readings.

Stay tuned to Morningstar for our take on all of these stories.

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