Seven Ways to a Better
Investment Plan

Our speakers will help you:
  • Gain a better perspective on the market and economy today.
  • Uncover and invest in great businesses for the core of your stock portfolio.
  • Learn how to better pick index funds, blend passive and active strategies in a portfolio, and size up the latest "smart beta" offerings.
The live online conference starts at 9 a.m. Central Daylight Time Saturday, March 22.
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Put the Big Picture in Perspective

Heidi Richardson,
Robert Johnson,
Randall Kroszner
keynote Speaker
Fed tapering, emerging-markets weakness, currency concerns, earnings disappointments, housing growth slowdown: The constant stream of macroeconomic headlines can whipsaw markets and investors with each new piece of data. Join our first panel to gain a better perspective on the market and economy today, isolate the world's trouble spots, set realistic expectations for economic growth, and rise above the daily ups and downs of Wall Street.
Build a Moat in Your Portfolio

Matt Coffina

keynote Speaker
Morningstar StockInvestor editor Matt Coffina provides a hands-on tutorial on investing in great businesses for the core of your stock portfolio. Matt will cover how to identify an economic moat and the best way to value a business, as well as answer viewers' stock-investing questions.
Navigate Today's Market: Morningstar Strategist Q&A
John Rekenthaler, Russel Kinnel
Samuel Lee, Elizabeth Collins

keynote Speaker
With continued uncertainty in the economic outlook, rising interest rates, and full valuations, it's easy to feel queasy about today's investment landscape. Our strategists will be on hand to answer your questions, give their take on what parts of the market are attractive today, and help you best position yourself for long-term success. Tune in live to ask your questions!