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Let's prepare for the 

MiFID II regulation.


Beyond Compliance to Business Transformation


Though the details are developing, the core principles of the MiFID II regulation are clear: investor protection, transparency and governance. We can help you take decisive action because these principles align perfectly with our mission. Let’s seize this compliance opportunity and use it to transform your business for the future.


It’s time to rethink how

to deliver suitable advice.

Under the MiFID II regulation, your firm will need tools to make sure your advisers are providing ongoing investment advice in every client’s best interest, along with clear reports on the fees they’re paying.

Investors need to know

what they’re paying for.

For your asset management business, you’ll need market data and reporting to ensure your products are suitable for the investors they are being sold to, along with data outlining new fee breakdowns.

You can have research

with greater value.

Research costs must be unbundled from brokerage services under the MiFID II regulation. Now is your chance to switch to equity research and manager research with a rigorous methodology that’s easy to understand.


Making the Most of MiFID II: How to Get Ready for the Requirements


By January 2018, MiFID II will bring sweeping changes to firms that manufacture, distribute or trade financial instruments in the European Union. We deconstruct the directive, walking you through some actions your firm can take to prepare for the regulation and the global business trends driving it.

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Some folks look at this as an opportunity to evolve and become more efficient by putting in place modern, scalable processes, which will not only improve their businesses for the future but also offer investors better experiences.

Connor Sloman

Head of Client Solutions, EMEA



Accelerating Global Business Trends


Three ways MiFID II will catalyse industry-wide change.

MiFID II Regulation - Transparecy

Continuing investor preferences for low-cost investments.


Under the MiFID II regulation, investment fees will become fully transparent, leading to the increased use of already-popular low-cost products.

MiFID II Regulation - Investment Outcomes

Building demand for outcome-oriented investment solutions.


Bans on advisor commissions will encourage fee-based financial planning services, which benefit from investments designed to help clients meet specific goals.

MiFID II Regulation - Technology

Technology that’s transforming the investor experience.


Technology can streamline compliance with MiFID II requirements while also helping you deliver exceptional experiences to your clients.


Get more out of MiFID II changes for your business.


MiFID II regulatory requirements are an opportunity to get ahead of the competition. They can open the door to changes like standardising how you deliver advice, integrating new data easily within your systems and realigning your reporting process to efficiently deliver marketing and regulatory documents. Long term, these changes can help you position your firm as the first choice for investors.


Need Help Complying With MiFID II?


We’ll share strategies to prepare for the MiFID II regulation, whether you need to rethink your firm’s advice process for suitability, acquire new data for fee transparency or find independent equity research and manager research.

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