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Behavioral Science at Morningstar


What is the BIT?


The Behavioral Insights Team helps Morningstar empower investors to manage their finances and investments. Our team consists of behavioral scientists and practitioners who apply cutting-edge research to deliver insights to investors, and to optimize Morningstar’s products and communications.


Our Advisory Board


Morningstar’s Behavioral Science Advisory Board conducts original research for peer-reviewed academic journals.


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Our Work


Volatility Happens


Helping clients through periods of market volatility can cement long-term relationships and keep investors on track to reach their goals.

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Our Work


Goal-Setting for Success


Setting goals is filled with challenges both for advisors and their clients, but doing it right can reap big benefits down the road.

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Want to learn more about the team?

We welcome opportunities to collaborate on research to help investors. We also frequently share our research lessons at industry events and with the media.

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