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Hasenstab on Global Growth: Headwinds or Tailwinds? Perspectives Michael Hasenstab, Ph.D. 03/03/15
Complexity, Critical States and Tributaries of Uncertainty Perspectives J. Brooks Ritchey 02/26/15
Active Opportunities in a Passive World Perspectives Norm Boersma, Cindy Sweeting and Heather Arnold of Templeton Global Equity Group™ 02/12/15
New Year’s Retirement Resolution to Keep: Develop a Social Security Strategy Perspectives Gail Buckner, CFP®, National Financial Planning Spokesperson, Franklin Templeton Investments 02/09/15
Are Lower Oil Prices Here to Stay? Perspectives Fred Fromm 12/17/14
A Balanced Look at Equity, Fixed Income Fundamentals—and Oil Price Fears Perspectives Ed Perks, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer, Executive Vice President Franklin Equity Group® 12/15/14
A Practical Approach to Tech Investing Perspectives Matt Moberg 12/04/14
Has Europe’s Recovery Story Turned Back a Page? Perspectives Heather Arnold, CFA®, Templeton Global Equity Group™ 11/19/14
QE, Parallel Universes and the Problem with Economic Growth Perspectives J. Brooks Ritchey 10/29/14
Focus on Long-Term Fundamentals, Not Fears Perspectives Mark Mobius 10/29/14
A Treasury Market Disconnect Perspectives Roger Bayston, CFA®, senior vice president and portfolio manager, Franklin Total Return Fund, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group® 10/21/14
Rethinking Core Fixed Income in a Rising-Rate Environment Perspectives Michael Hasenstab 10/07/14
Reading Fed Tea Leaves Perspectives Christopher J. Molumphy, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group® 09/29/14
“You’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat”: Alpha and Interest Rates Perspectives J Brooks Ritchey 09/19/14
Are US Stocks Reacting Rationally? Perspectives Grant Bowers, Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Franklin Equity Group® 09/09/14
European Bank Stocks: Time to Buy, or Bail? Perspectives Cindy Sweeting 08/20/14
A Strengthening Case for European Bonds Perspectives David Zahn, CFA®, FRM, Head of European Fixed Income, Senior VP, Portfolio Manager, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group® 08/13/14
A Mid-Year Crossroads for US Equities? Perspectives Don Taylor 08/12/14
Taking a Balanced View of Equities Perspectives Lisa Myers, Executive VP/Portfolio Manager/Research Analyst, Templeton Global Equity Group 07/10/14
Strategies for Income-Seeking Investors Perspectives Ed Perks, executive vice president, director of portfolio management, Franklin Equity Group® 07/10/14