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Vans, Timberland And More Brands Make VF Corp. Top Performer With 2% Dividend Yield Perspectives YCharts 06/19/12
Makeover Well Underway, DuPont’s 3.5% Dividend Yield Looks Even Better Perspectives YCharts 06/18/12
Despite Mgmt’s Best Efforts, Hewlett-Packard Can’t be Broken – Div Yield at 2.4%, Time to Buy? Perspectives YCharts 06/15/12
Sysco’s Trouble Creates 3.8% Dividend Yield Backed By 42 Years of Consistent Increases Perspectives YCharts 06/14/12
Don’t Underestimate Grainger’s Dividend. That 1.8% Yield Is Bigger Than It Looks Perspectives YCharts 06/13/12
Not So Trashy: Waste Management Has 4.4% Dividend Yield, Upside When the Economy Improves Perspectives YCharts 06/12/12
PPL: 5.3% Dividend Yield and a Company Rebuilt for Widows and Orphans Perspectives YCharts 06/11/12
Dr Pepper Snapple: 3.2% Dividend Yield, and in a Recession-Resistant Sector Perspectives YCharts 06/07/12
Colgate’s 2.5% Dividend Yield So-So? Perspectives ycharts 06/06/12
Paychex: 4.3% Dividend Yield Will Help Holders Ride Out Tough Employment Market Perspectives ycharts 06/05/12
Nucor: Steel Industry’s Best, its Shares Beaten Down, Offers a 4% Dividend Yield Perspectives ycharts 06/04/12
3.5% Dividend Yield – With a Sweetener Perspectives ycharts 06/01/12
Lockheed’s 4.8% Dividend Yield: Top Gun in the Defense Sector and Well-Covered Perspectives ycharts 05/31/12