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Active Investing: The Cyclicality of Performance in the U.S. Large-cap Equity Market Perspectives Tim Cohen (Chief Investment Officer, International Equities), Joseph DeSantis (Chief Investment Officer, Domestic Equities), Darby Nielson, CFA (Managing Director of Research, Equities), Brian Leite, CFA (Head of Equity/High Income Institutional Portfolio Management Team) 07/02/14
Actively Pursuing Total Return in Bond Funds Perspectives Hien H. Nguyen, Head of Bond Risk Modeling 07/02/14
REITs vs. Private Real Estate: More Similar Than Different Perspectives Sam Wald, CFA Portfolio Manager, Steven Buller, CFA Portfolio Manager, Neil Nabar, CFA Research Analyst 07/02/14
June Business Cycle Update: U.S. Economy and Rates Remain Steady Perspectives Dirk Hofschire, CFA (SVP, Asset Allocation Research), Lisa Emsbo-Mattingly (Director of Asset Allocation Research) 07/02/14
How to Give Your Grandkids a Head Start Perspectives Fidelity Investments 06/06/14
Three Market Paradoxes to Ponder Perspectives Jurrien Timmer 06/02/14
Social Security Tips For Singles Perspectives Fidelity Investments 05/23/14
Social Security Tips For Couples Perspectives Fidelity Investments 05/23/14
Three Healthy Habits for Health Savings Accounts Perspectives Fidelity Investments 05/14/14
What To Do With Your Cash Perspectives Fidelity Investments 04/11/14
Short Duration: Rising-Rate Resilience Perspectives Robin L. Foley, CFA, Rob Galusza, Robert Chan, CFA, and Kim Miller 04/08/14
Looking Backward and Forward at Dividend Growth Perspectives Scott Offen, Naveed Rahman, and Emma Baumgartner, CFA 04/01/14
Four Tax-Efficient Strategies in Retirement Perspectives Fidelity Investments 03/27/14
U.S. Equity Valuations Not an Obstacle in 2014 Perspectives Jordan Alexiev, CFA and Austin Litvak 03/27/14
Active Share: A Misunderstood Measure in Manager Selection Perspectives Tim Cohen, Brian Leite, CFA, Darby Nielson, CFA, and Andy Browder 03/26/14
Nine Reasons To Consider A Roth Perspectives Fidelity Investments 03/07/14
Roth or Traditional IRA or 401(k)? How To Choose Perspectives Fidelity Investments 02/26/14
Retirement To Countdown Perspectives Fidelity Investments 02/20/14
Beware Of Cashing Out Perspectives Fidelity Investments 02/13/14
How To Reverse A Roth IRA Conversion Perspectives Fidelity Investments 02/13/14