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Research Affiliates: Why Factor Tilts Are Not Smart “Smart Beta” Perspectives Rob Arnott Mark Clements Vitali Kalesnik 05/24/17
Alice in Factorland: The Incredible Shrinking Factor Return Perspectives Rob Arnott, Vitali Kalesnik, and Lillian Wu 04/25/17
Searching for the Stock Market’s Fair Value Perspectives Michael Aked CFA, Michele Mazzoleni PhD, and Omid Shakernia PhD 03/28/17
Forecasting Factor and Smart Beta Returns (Hint: History Is Worse than Useless) Perspectives Rob Arnott, Noah Beck, and Vitali Kalesnik 02/21/17
The Emerging Markets Hat Trick: Time to Throw Your Hat In? Perspectives Rob Arnott and Brandon Kunz 12/15/16
Record Low Costs to Trade! Perspectives Michael Aked Jim Masturzo 11/08/16
Timing “Smart Beta” Strategies? Of Course! Buy Low, Sell High! Perspectives Rob Arnott Noah Beck, and Vitali Kalesnik 10/04/16
Rethinking Conventional Wisdom: Why NOT a Value Bias? Perspectives John West and Amie Ko 09/14/16
A Barrel of Texas Tea: Half-Full or Half-Empty? Perspectives Jim Masturzo 07/28/16
To Win With “Smart Beta“ Ask If the Price Is Right Perspectives Rob Arnott, Noah Beck, Vitali Kalesnik 06/22/16
Where’s the Beef? “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”* Perspectives Rob Arnott and Lillian Wu 05/04/16
Echoes of 1999: The Tech Bubble and the “Asian Flu” Perspectives Rob Arnott 04/25/16
Greetings from the Cold Perspectives Charles Aram and Jonathan Treussard 03/24/16
U.S. Inflation: The Expectations Game Perspectives Michele Mazzoleni 03/24/16
How Can “Smart Beta” Go Horribly Wrong? Perspectives Rob Arnott, Vitali Kalesnik, John West, and Noah Beck 02/18/16
The Moneyball of Quality Investing Perspectives Vitali Kalesnik and Engin Kose 02/12/16
Peak Profits Perspectives Research Affiliates 01/29/16
The Confounding Bias for Investment Complexity Perspectives Jason Hsu and John West 01/20/16
From Brutish to a Brouhaha: Shifting Winds and the Demographic Payback Perspectives Michael Aked 01/14/16
Forecasting Returns: Simple Is Not Simplistic Perspectives Jim Masturzo 01/08/16