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Title Collection Author Date
Fishing the Deep for Values Shortlist Jeff McConnell 10/21/99
Funds That May Say "Gotcha!" Shortlist Susan Dziubinski 10/06/99
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Tracking the Tracking Stocks Shortlist Sanjay Arya 09/03/99
The Virtue of Improving Net Margins Shortlist Jeremy Lopez, CFA 08/26/99
Weekly Update on Share Buybacks Shortlist Jeremy Lopez, CFA 08/23/99
Recent Share Buybacks Shortlist Jeremy Lopez, CFA 08/17/99
A Steady Stream: Strong DRIP Stocks Shortlist Michael Hodel, CFA 08/05/99
Buying Like Bogle (Jr.): Momentum Stocks Shortlist Aaron Westrate 07/13/99
Squarely in the Middle: True Mid-Cap Funds Shortlist Susan Dziubinski 06/15/99
Making More with Less: Hard-Hit Stocks with Solid Shortlist Jeremy Lopez, CFA 06/04/99
Stockpilers: Companies with Lots of Cash on Hand Shortlist Corey L McElveen 05/27/99
How Low Will They Go?: Hard-Hit Stocks with Solid Shortlist Jeremy Lopez, CFA 04/13/99
Bank On It:Financial Software Companies Shortlist Mike Porter 08/28/98
Bargains Across the Border Cheap Canadian Stocks Shortlist Sanjay Arya 08/21/98
Bad to the Bone: The Worst-Performing Domestic-Equ Shortlist Josh Charlson, CFA 08/07/98
Domestic Stock Funds: How the Largest Fund Famili Shortlist David Harrell 07/31/98
Getting the Benz: Consolidation Candidates in the Shortlist Mike Porter 05/08/98
All in the Same Boat: Fund Managers Who Are Also S Shortlist David Harrell 05/08/98
Category Champs:1st Quarter 1998 Shortlist David Harrell 04/24/98
All-Star Stocks: Firms with High Returns on Equity Shortlist Mike Porter 03/27/98
Blunt Measures: International Fund Category Sharpe Shortlist Josh Charlson, CFA 02/27/98
What the Big Boys Did: 1997 Performance of the Lar Shortlist David Harrell 02/06/98
Buying the Big Ones: Fund Ownership of the Larges Shortlist David Harrell 10/10/97
The Aging of America: Companies in the Senior Livi Shortlist Mike Porter 10/10/97
Taking It Abroad: Domestic Funds with Large Foreig Shortlist David Harrell 09/26/97
5% A Year Shortlist David Harrell 07/03/97
Active Management on the Cheap Shortlist Cebra Graves 06/13/97
Forlorn and Forgotten Shortlist Catherine Odelbo 06/13/97
Bagel Blahs Shortlist Mike Porter 04/25/97
Style-Box Champions #8:Large-Cap Blend Funds Shortlist David Harrell 04/18/97
Style-Box Champions #4:Mid-Cap Value Funds Shortlist Cebra Graves 04/04/97
Style-Box Champions #5:Mid-Cap Growth Funds Shortlist Cebra Graves 04/04/97