Special Report

Morningstar's Guide to Conducting a Year-End Portfolio Review


The holiday season is in full swing. Some of us are finalizing travel plans (and packing), others are shopping and wrapping gifts, and still others are hopping from holiday luncheon to cocktail party to cookie swap.

Portfolio maintenance may not be top of mind for many this time of year, but it should be.

"If you're busy, the fallback has likely been to peer at your enlarged balance periodically, say 'Yay for me!' and leave well enough alone," says Morningstar director of personal finance Christine Benz.

But given what the markets may have done to your thoughtfully conceived asset allocation this year, it's worth making the time to do at least a quick portfolio review. That's all the more important this year, with tax changes almost certain in 2018.

To help streamline the process, we've pulled together some checklists and strategies.

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