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Morningstar.com's ETF Investing Week

Jason Stipp

The arrival of the ETF is a foregone conclusion today--the investment vehicle is undoubtedly here. The question now is, how big will it be? In 2011, the number of exchange-traded products is fast approaching 1,200, a figure that has roughly doubled in four years. Meanwhile, after taking a short breather during the financial crisis, ETF assets under management have continued to climb to new highs, from about $600 billion in 2008 to $1.05 trillion in early 2011.

Charting the rise of the ETF may be interesting fodder for industry-watchers, but for investors, the more pertinent questions may be: how, when, and why should I use an ETF? Should ETFs supplant other holdings in my portfolio? How do I compare ETFs? What details should I know before diving in?

Morningstar.com's ETF Investing Week aims to bring clarity to this fast-growing investment vehicle with a focus not only on what it is, but also what it does--and how ETFs may be used as both a building block in a strategic portfolio and as a key instrument in the tactical investor's toolbox. With help from Morningstar's ETF analyst team, we'll key in on smart ETF selection, ETF taxation issues, commodity investing with ETFs, and much more.

Each day this week we'll update this center with links to new article and video reports, so be sure to bookmark this page and visit us often. You can also catch up with our coverage in Morningstar.com's ETF Center

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Tuesday: ETFs & Portfolio Management

Wednesday: Income Investing with ETFs

Thursday: Commodity Investing with ETFs

Friday: ETF Picks

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