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Fund Name Category Star Rating YTD
Return %
Invesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 A (VADAX) Large Blend 14.72 10/29/2019
Natixis Vaughan Nelson Value Opp A (VNVAX) Mid-Cap Blend 15.77 10/28/2019
Eaton Vance Income Fund of Boston I (EIBIX) High Yield Bond 6.26 10/27/2019
Oakmark Global Select Investor (OAKWX) World Large Stock 15.69 10/25/2019
Eaton Vance Dividend Builder A (EVTMX) Large Blend 11.83 10/24/2019
Victory Floating Rate Y (RSFYX) Bank Loan 4.29 10/24/2019
Transamerica Short-Term Bond A (ITAAX) Short-Term Bond 1.46 10/23/2019
First Eagle Global Income Builder A (FEBAX) World Allocation 7.79 10/21/2019
BrandywineGLOBAL Global Opp Bond I (GOBIX) World Bond 2.83 10/18/2019
DFA Emerging Markets Core Equity I (DFCEX) Diversified Emerging Mkts 9.92 10/18/2019
DFA Emerging Markets I (DFEMX) Diversified Emerging Mkts 9.38 10/18/2019
DFA Emerging Markets Value I (DFEVX) Diversified Emerging Mkts 9.24 10/18/2019
Fidelity® Small Cap Growth (FCPGX) Small Growth 20.28 10/18/2019
Fidelity® Small Cap Growth K6 (FOCSX) Small Growth --- 19.87 10/18/2019
JPMorgan Europe Dynamic L (JFEIX) Europe Stock 11.98 10/18/2019
Oberweis International Opportunities (OBIOX) Foreign Small/Mid Growth 15.80 10/18/2019
Oberweis International Opps Instl (OBIIX) Foreign Small/Mid Growth 15.93 10/18/2019
Vanguard Inflation-Protected Secs Adm (VAIPX) Inflation-Protected Bond 2.29 10/18/2019
Victory RS Small Cap Growth Y (RSYEX) Small Growth 22.67 10/18/2019
Franklin Adjustable US Govt Secs Adv (FAUZX) Short Government 0.33 10/16/2019
Artisan Mid Cap Value Investor (ARTQX) Mid-Cap Value 13.93 10/15/2019
Victory RS Mid Cap Growth Y (RMOYX) Mid-Cap Growth 20.50 10/15/2019
Artisan Value Investor (ARTLX) Large Value 14.31 10/14/2019
Eaton Vance High Income Opportunities A (ETHIX) High Yield Bond 6.52 10/14/2019
Federated Kaufmann R (KAUFX) Mid-Cap Growth 19.80 10/14/2019
Fidelity® GNMA (FGMNX) Intermediate Government 1.44 10/14/2019
Royce Premier Invmt (RYPRX) Small Growth 16.70 10/14/2019
Franklin US Government Secs Adv (FUSAX) Intermediate Government 1.23 10/11/2019
Gabelli Equity Income AAA (GABEX) Large Blend 12.80 10/11/2019
Gabelli Utilities A (GAUAX) Utilities 11.10 10/11/2019
Nationwide WCM Focused Sm Cp Instl Svc (NWGSX) Small Blend 11.64 10/11/2019
Pioneer Equity Income A (PEQIX) Large Value 13.03 10/11/2019
AllianzGI Global Allocation R6 (AGASX) World Allocation 7.61 10/10/2019
T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Stock (PRMSX) Diversified Emerging Mkts 14.17 10/10/2019
T. Rowe Price Instl Emerging Mkts Eq (IEMFX) Diversified Emerging Mkts 14.28 10/10/2019
BMO Ultra Short Tax-Free I (MUISX) Muni National Short 0.46 10/09/2019
Fidelity Advisor® Limited Term Bond I (EFIPX) Short-Term Bond 1.75 10/09/2019
Fidelity® Intermediate Bond (FTHRX) Intermediate Core Bond 1.77 10/09/2019
Virtus KAR Small-Cap Core I (PKSFX) Mid-Cap Growth 20.17 10/09/2019
Virtus KAR Small-Cap Growth I (PXSGX) Small Growth 20.28 10/09/2019
Artisan Global Opportunities Inv (ARTRX) World Large Stock 15.99 10/08/2019
Artisan Mid Cap Investor (ARTMX) Mid-Cap Growth 22.05 10/08/2019
Artisan Small Cap Investor (ARTSX) Small Growth 25.48 10/08/2019
BNY Mellon Dynamic Total Return Fund I (AVGRX) Multialternative 7.87 10/08/2019
Diamond Hill Small Cap I (DHSIX) Small Value 12.51 10/08/2019
Nuveen Symphony High Yield Income I (NCOIX) High Yield Bond 5.89 10/08/2019
Pacific Funds Strategic Income Adv (PLSFX) Multisector Bond 5.68 10/08/2019
PIMCO StocksPLUS® Instl (PSTKX) Large Blend 14.29 10/08/2019
Ave Maria Bond (AVEFX) Allocation--15% to 30% Equity 2.89 10/07/2019
Fidelity® Government Income (FGOVX) Intermediate Government 0.90 10/07/2019

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