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Fund Name Category Star Rating YTD
Return %
AllianzGI Global Small-Cap Institutional (DGSCX) World Small/Mid Stock 5.40 06/21/2018
American Beacon International Eq Instl (AAIEX) Foreign Large Value -2.87 06/21/2018
Fidelity® Low-Priced Stock (FLPSX) Mid-Cap Value 2.60 06/21/2018
AB Intermediate Bond Z (ABQZX) Intermediate-Term Bond -1.38 06/20/2018
American Funds Capital Income Bldr A (CAIBX) World Allocation -2.87 06/20/2018
Aquila Tax-Free Fund of Colorado Y (COTYX) Muni Single State Interm -0.66 06/20/2018
Dreyfus Equity Income A (DQIAX) Large Value 5.39 06/20/2018
Fidelity Advisor® New Insights I (FINSX) Large Growth 10.46 06/20/2018
Hartford Schroders US S/M-Cap Opps I (SMDIX) Mid-Cap Blend 2.03 06/20/2018
Invesco Global Growth A (AGGAX) World Large Stock -1.19 06/20/2018
PGIM Short-Term Corporate Bond Z (PIFZX) Short-Term Bond -0.74 06/20/2018
T. Rowe Price Latin America (PRLAX) Latin America Stock -14.37 06/20/2018
Virtus Newfleet Senior Floating Rate I (PSFIX) Bank Loan 1.74 06/20/2018
Ave Maria Growth (AVEGX) Mid-Cap Growth 8.34 06/19/2018
Dodge & Cox Global Bond (DODLX) World Bond -2.04 06/19/2018
Eaton Vance Floating-Rate & Hi Inc Inst (EIFHX) Bank Loan 2.18 06/19/2018
First Eagle US Value A (FEVAX) Large Blend 1.34 06/19/2018
Hartford Schroders US Small Cap Opps I (SCUIX) Small Growth 5.73 06/19/2018
JPMorgan Growth And Income A (VGRIX) Large Value 1.25 06/19/2018
Lord Abbett Growth Leaders F (LGLFX) Large Growth 18.15 06/19/2018
MainStay MacKay Short Term Municipal I (MSTIX) Short-Term Bond 0.95 06/19/2018
Oakmark Equity And Income Investor (OAKBX) Allocation--50% to 70% Equity 0.43 06/19/2018
PIMCO Diversified Inc Instl (PDIIX) Multisector Bond -1.40 06/19/2018
Harbor Mid Cap Value Instl (HAMVX) Mid-Cap Value 1.44 06/18/2018
LSV Value Equity (LSVEX) Large Value -0.38 06/18/2018
T. Rowe Price QM US Small-Cap Gr Eq (PRDSX) Small Growth 11.24 06/18/2018
Artisan Developing World Advisor (APDYX) Diversified Emerging Mkts --- -4.46 06/15/2018
Invesco Intermediate Term Muni Inc A (VKLMX) Muni National Interm -0.12 06/15/2018
Nationwide Inv Dest Agrsv Svc (NDASX) Allocation--85%+ Equity 2.05 06/15/2018
Nationwide Inv Dest Cnsrv Svc (NDCSX) Allocation--15% to 30% Equity -0.27 06/15/2018
Nationwide Inv Dest Mod Agrsv Svc (NDMSX) Allocation--70% to 85% Equity 1.58 06/15/2018
Nationwide Inv Dest Mod Cnsrv Svc (NSDCX) Allocation--30% to 50% Equity 0.44 06/15/2018
Nationwide Inv Dest Mod Svc (NSDMX) Allocation--50% to 70% Equity 1.13 06/15/2018
American Funds Growth Fund of Amer A (AGTHX) Large Growth 11.38 06/14/2018
Neuberger Berman International Sel Instl (NILIX) Foreign Large Growth -0.38 06/14/2018
Diamond Hill Corporate Credit I (DHSTX) High Yield Bond 1.63 06/13/2018
Ivy International Core Equity I (ICEIX) Foreign Large Blend -2.02 06/12/2018
MainStay Floating Rate I (MXFIX) Bank Loan 1.88 06/12/2018
American Funds Tax-Exempt Fund of CA A (TAFTX) Muni California Long -0.33 06/11/2018
BlackRock Latin America Inv A (MDLTX) Latin America Stock -13.25 06/11/2018
DFA US Small Cap Value I (DFSVX) Small Value 8.55 06/11/2018
JPMorgan Equity Income I (HLIEX) Large Value 0.22 06/11/2018
Lazard International Strategic Eq Instl (LISIX) Foreign Large Growth 1.08 06/11/2018
Lord Abbett Developing Growth I (LADYX) Small Growth 30.85 06/11/2018
Metropolitan West High Yield Bond M (MWHYX) High Yield Bond -0.01 06/11/2018
Oppenheimer Rising Dividends A (OARDX) Large Blend 3.78 06/11/2018
Touchstone Mid Cap Value Inst (TCVIX) Mid-Cap Value -1.06 06/11/2018
Vanguard Long-Term Investment-Grade Inv (VWESX) Corporate Bond -6.91 06/11/2018
Virtus Ceredex Large-Cap Value Equity I (STVTX) Large Value -2.02 06/11/2018
Columbia Thermostat Inst (COTZX) Allocation--15% to 30% Equity 0.65 06/08/2018

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