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Fund Name Category Star Rating YTD
Return %
AMG Renaissance Large Cap Growth N (MRLTX) Large Growth 21.37 08/16/2019
Brown Capital Mgmt Small Co Instl (BCSSX) Small Growth 27.36 08/16/2019
Nuveen High Yield Municipal Bond I (NHMRX) High Yield Muni 10.76 08/16/2019
Transamerica Multi-Mgd Balanced A (IBALX) Allocation--50% to 70% Equity 12.66 08/16/2019
Putnam Convertible Securities A (PCONX) Convertibles 17.18 08/15/2019
Vanguard Intmdt-Term Trs Idx Admiral (VSIGX) Intermediate Government 7.31 08/15/2019
MFS Emerging Markets Equity A (MEMAX) Diversified Emerging Mkts 3.83 08/14/2019
MFS Global Total Return A (MFWTX) World Allocation 10.89 08/14/2019
MFS Municipal High Income I (MMIIX) High Yield Muni 9.05 08/14/2019
MFS Total Return A (MSFRX) Allocation--50% to 70% Equity 12.15 08/14/2019
MFS Value I (MEIIX) Large Value 17.53 08/14/2019
Harding Loevner Frontier Emerg Mkts Inst (HLFMX) Diversified Emerging Mkts 5.57 08/13/2019
Vanguard Short-Term Treasury Idx Admiral (VSBSX) Short Government 3.16 08/13/2019
AMG Chicago Equity Partners Balanced Z (MBEYX) Allocation--50% to 70% Equity 10.86 08/12/2019
Invesco International Small Company A (IEGAX) Foreign Small/Mid Blend 4.36 08/12/2019
JHancock Investment Grade Bond I (TIUSX) Intermediate Core Bond 8.85 08/12/2019
Vanguard International Value Inv (VTRIX) Foreign Large Value 5.79 08/12/2019
AIG Strategic Bond A (SDIAX) Multisector Bond 9.60 08/09/2019
American Century Value Inv (TWVLX) Large Value 8.41 08/09/2019
Janus Henderson Global Research T (JAWWX) World Large Stock 14.44 08/09/2019
Janus Henderson Research T (JAMRX) Large Growth 22.03 08/09/2019
MFS Municipal Income I (MIMIX) Muni National Long 8.25 08/09/2019
Nuveen All-American Municipal Bond I (FAARX) Muni National Long 9.16 08/09/2019
Royce Pennsylvania Mutual Invmt (PENNX) Small Blend 12.77 08/09/2019
TCW Total Return Bond I (TGLMX) Intermediate Core-Plus Bond 8.06 08/09/2019
Wells Fargo Large Cap Core A (EGOAX) Large Blend 11.41 08/09/2019
Baird MidCap Inst (BMDIX) Mid-Cap Growth 26.52 08/08/2019
Fidelity Advisor® Health Care A (FACDX) Health 11.29 08/08/2019
Fidelity® Growth Discovery (FDSVX) Large Growth 20.04 08/08/2019
Fidelity® Select Health Care (FSPHX) Health 12.15 08/08/2019
Harbor Small Cap Growth Instl (HASGX) Small Growth 25.47 08/08/2019
Sequoia (SEQUX) Large Growth 18.44 08/08/2019
Templeton Global Balanced A (TAGBX) World Allocation -0.41 08/08/2019
Vanguard Long-Term Bond Index Investor (VBLTX) Long-Term Bond 22.03 08/08/2019
American Century IntermTrm Tx-Fr Bd Inv (TWTIX) Muni National Interm 6.85 08/07/2019
Ivy Small Cap Core I (IVVIX) Small Blend 19.46 08/07/2019
Vanguard Windsor™ II Inv (VWNFX) Large Value 13.01 08/07/2019
American Century Equity Income Inv (TWEIX) Large Value 13.69 08/06/2019
Tweedy, Browne Worldwide Hi Div Yld Val (TBHDX) World Large Stock 6.55 08/06/2019
BNY Mellon International Bond I (DIBRX) World Bond 5.51 08/05/2019
Fidelity Advisor® Equity Growth M (FAEGX) Large Growth 19.62 08/05/2019
Goldman Sachs Income Builder Instl (GSBIX) Allocation--30% to 50% Equity 14.49 08/05/2019
Invesco Developing Markets Y (GTDYX) Diversified Emerging Mkts 14.33 08/05/2019
Invesco Income Allocation A (ALAAX) Allocation--30% to 50% Equity 10.18 08/05/2019
Ivy Small Cap Growth A (WSGAX) Small Growth 18.05 08/05/2019
Janus Henderson Contrarian T (JSVAX) Mid-Cap Blend 26.33 08/05/2019
Loomis Sayles Multi-Asset Income A (IIDPX) Allocation--50% to 70% Equity 8.85 08/05/2019
Tweedy, Browne Global Value (TBGVX) Foreign Large Value 6.55 08/05/2019
Tweedy, Browne Global Value II Ccy Unhdg (TBCUX) Foreign Large Value 3.40 08/05/2019
Columbia Dividend Opportunity A (INUTX) Large Value 12.16 08/04/2019

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