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  1. Bank-Loan Fundamentals Have a Tailwind


    The bank-loan market has supportive conditions for at least the next year, but near-term fundamental strength might not hold up against long-term outflows, says Western Asset's Michael Buchanan.

  2. How Strategic Beta Can Factor Into a Diversified Portfolio


    Combining strategic-beta approaches with each other, or with traditional cap-weighted holdings, can offer diversification benefits, though these strategies require long-term commitments, says Russell's David Koenig.

  3. Bank Loans Not the Same as Money Markets


    The risk of bank-loan defaults is muted at the same time investor demand for such products remains elevated, but this volatile asset class is not for near-term cash needs, says Fidelity's Eric Mollenhauer.

  4. The Friday Five


    This week: The Fed discloses an end to the taper, eurozone concerns resurface, and a cupcake firm crumbles.

  5. Clean-Air Regulation Has Silver Lining for Utilities Stocks


    Carbon-emissions laws have forced several coal-oriented utilities to improve their plants with multi-million-dollar investments, which, in turn, should contribute to dividend-growth opportunities.

  6. Jobs Data Improving, but Won't Change GDP


    More small-business hires, a better mix of job openings, and the potential for wage growth--while positive trends--won't change Morningstar's Bob Johnson's GDP forecast.

  7. The Downside of Share Buybacks


    Companies are buying back shares at near-record levels, but Morningstar's Josh Peters says firms can serve shareholders much better with dividends rather than stock repurchases.

  8. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize in M&A Deals


    With the uptick in merger and acquisition activity, whether it be for tax-inversion or strategic reasons, investors should focus on the target company, which can benefit from the deal immediately.

  9. South Korea: Developed or Emerging?


    Due to a lack of consensus on the issue, many foreign large-blend and emerging-markets funds are underweight South Korean firms.

  10. Bank on These Stocks When the Time Is Right


    These wide-moat companies offer very stable business models and sticky customer bases, but investors should wait for a better opportunity to buy shares.

  11. A Fund for Greed and Fear


    This momentum fund, while not without risk, offers value investors a diversifying alternative strategy.

  12. Expect a Labor Shortage in the Coming Years


    A shrinking working-age population in the U.S. might be good for the employed but a drawback for corporations.

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