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  1. Nygren: The Market Is About Where It Belongs


    Although not as cheap as it was, the stock market's valuation today isn't much different than long-term historical averages and is more attractive than competing investments like bonds and cash, says Oakmark's Bill Nygren.

  2. Investors Flock to Low-Cost Funds


    Since 2003, the lowest-cost mutual funds have taken the lion's share of assets as the benefits of low fees became widely recognized and advisors moved away from commission-based accounts.

  3. Nygren: Why Amazon Was Misunderstood


    Amazon's third-party-selling business and investments for 'supernormal growth' were not well accounted for in the market valuation, says Oakmark manager Bill Nygren.

  4. How Oakmark Is Tapping Into Energy Opportunities


    Bill Nygren says Oakmark took small positions in two well-managed firms--Chesapeake and Apache--that could see significant upside when prices bounce back.

  5. High-Quality Opportunities Light Up in Utilities Sector


    Utilities' sharp drop since January has created buying opportunities among some quality names with long dividend-growth histories, strong balance sheets, and attractive growth prospects.

  6. Couples' Finances: Silence Is Not Golden


    Most couples are not on the same page when it comes to their finances or retirement plans, says Fidelity's Kristen Robinson Darcy.

  7. Kinnel: Managers See Little to Like in Bonds


    Managers at the Morningstar Investment Conference paint a gloomy scenario for fixed income, reports Morningstar FundInvestor editor Russ Kinnel.

  8. The Challenges Facing Women Investors Today


    Although women investors are saving more than men, they are also more hesitant to talk about financial matters and tend to have less confidence in their investing acumen, says Fidelity's Kristen Robinson Darcy.

  9. Getting the Most Out of Active Management


    Investors should look for funds with lower-quartile fees, solid track records, and fund managers who invest in their own fund, says American Funds' Rob Lovelace.

  10. 5 Takeaways From the 2015 Morningstar Investment Conference


    Investors should watch the velocity of rate increases, keep Greece in perspective, and mind diversification in a world with very few good values.

  11. 2 Low-Cost ETFs for Broad U.S. Stock Exposure


    Although both ETFs offer broad, low-cost exposure to U.S. stocks, Vanguard Total Stock Market is both more liquid and more representative of the market than Schwab U.S. Broad Market.

  12. Housing Data Perks Up--But Will It Last?


    New and existing home sales and pricing data were positive this week, but a rush to beat rising rates may taper in a few months, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

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