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  1. This Expensive Fund May Be Worth It


    This fund has to overcome a major hurdle with its expenses, but it has far exceeded expectations in a short time frame.

  2. Health Care a Leader in Moat Stocks


    The health-care sector has a higher volume of moat firms compared with other industries, and companies' patent and brand power deliver very strong returns on capital.

  3. Reasons to Be Optimistic About Consumer Spending


    Consumer savings rates are great leading indicators for future consumption, and the current savings rate has increased appreciably in the last few months.

  4. Moats Great Indicators for Stock Staying Power


    Companies with fortified moats can stave off competition and tend to have better risk-adjusted returns than the broader market.

  5. The Friday Five


    This week: Financial-services firms post lukewarm earnings, two tech giants strike a deal, Time Warner turns down a foxy offer, and more.

  6. 2 Wide-Moat Stocks to Build Space For


    These large real estate firms aren't trading at discounts, but their favorable growth dynamics and strong competitive positions make them ideal for investors' watchlists.

  7. A Portfolio Checkup in 6 Steps


    In this special midyear presentation, Morningstar's Christine Benz demonstrates how to gauge the viability of your current plan, evaluate positioning, troubleshoot risk factors, and much more.

  8. Economic Data Moving in the Right Direction


    Despite some weak headline numbers, this week's economic data show ongoing year-over-year improvement, but they still don't change Morningstar's Bob Johnson's GDP outlook.

  9. Finding Value in a Challenging Market Environment


    In this special one-hour presentation, Morningstar experts share their takes on how investors can navigate a world with slightly overvalued stocks, an uncertain interest-rate environment, and a slow-growing economy.

  10. Is the Bank-Loan Sell-Off Temporary?


    Bank-loan funds have seen outflows in 2014 as investors have become less concerned about rising rates, but flows to such funds could increase when rates do eventually move higher.

  11. This Wide-Moat Stock Has Been a Star Performer


    With its record of high profitability and very strong shareholder returns, this banking firm stands out.

  12. Investors Remain Skeptical of Stock Funds


    Despite equities' strong returns, investors remain unexcited about stocks and instead continue to put more money to work in bond funds.

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