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  1. Will Housing Heat Up in 2015?


    December's housing data showed improvement, but the widening price gap between new and existing homes remains a concern, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

  2. 3 Themes We're Watching in Tech


    Rather than chase the next highfliers, we gravitate toward tech companies with moats and exposure to growth areas such as social, mobile, and the cloud.

  3. What Impact Will a Rising Dollar Have on Dividend Payers?


    More than likely, it will mean smaller-than-usual dividend increases from companies with global footprints, says Morningstar's Josh Peters.

  4. 4 High-Conviction Foreign-Stock Funds


    Although some prominent foreign-stock funds have closed, solid choices remain available for investors looking to globalize their portfolios, says Morningstar's Russ Kinnel.

  5. 4 Tech Firms in Transition


    Earnings reports this week showed how Netflix, IBM, Microsoft, and eBay are thinking about their futures. Plus: Europe's QE is no cure-all.

  6. Europe's QE an Expectations Game


    The market's positive expectations of the ECB's bond-buying program should provide a boost to European stock and fixed-income markets.

  7. JPMorgan Hits the Mark in Target-Date Funds


    Morningstar's Allocation Fund Manager of the Year stands out with its attention to investor behavior, greater diversification, and tactical tilts.

  8. Dodge & Cox's Keys to International Investing Success


    Focusing on fundamentals, tuning out noise, and practicing patience has worked for Morningstar's 2014 International-Stock Manager of the Year.

  9. High-Yield Funds Place Different Bets on Energy Bonds


    Positioning within the energy sector will play a major role in how these funds will perform in 2015.

  10. Johnson: Reasons to Be Skeptical of ECB Stimulus


    Key differences between the eurozone and the U.S. could make the ECB's bond buying program less effective than the Fed's, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

  11. A Discounted Wide Moat in Biotech


    With an improving pipeline and a new manufacturing technology, Amgen is on the path to stabilizing its moat trend.

  12. Western Asset: Tremendous Opportunities in High Yield


    There are big opportunities in high-yield energy names if you identify the survivors amid the oil-price plunge, says Carl Eichstaedt, a 2014 Fixed-Income Manager of the Year.

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