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  1. Super-Wide Moat in the Making at Medtronic


    The device maker's planned acquisition of Covidien will make it a force to be reckoned with.

  2. Key Considerations for PIMCO Total Return Investors


    Investors need to be aware of risks ranging from outflows to board stewardship, but the core investment process remains sound in the wake of Gross' departure.

  3. Vanguard Wellington: More Than a Fair-Weather Fund


    This Gold-rated moderate allocation fund is a great option for investors who want to participate in the growth of the market while protecting on the downside.

  4. Population Gets Older, Economy Gets Colder


    Outsized growth in the over-65 age category will likely translate to less spending and a headwind on economic growth over the next several decades.

  5. 4 REITs That Can Weather Through Rising Rates


    Rising interest rates can be a valuation headwind for the REIT sector, but some REITs are better positioned than others, says Morningstar's Todd Lukasik.

  6. Some Clarity Gained, Some Questions Remain for PIMCO Funds


    PIMCO's post-Gross changes suggest the fund strategies, including Total Return, won't radically change, but several question marks remain.

  7. Saving vs. Paying Off Student Loans--What's More Important?


    Consider employer matches and potential returns for retirement savings along with student loan interest rates to find the right balance, says David Blanchett of Morningstar Investment Management.

  8. Friday Five: China Chills and Apple Hits Some Speed Bumps


    Tensions rise as China's growth struggles, Apple gets a slight case of the bends, and more.

  9. 4 Dividend Payers for a Higher-Rate World


    Trying to time interest-rate increases is less important than choosing companies with a good margin of safety that you can hold through thick and thin, says Morningstar's Josh Peters.

  10. PIMCO Investors: Time to Reassess, Not Panic


    Gross' departure will have definite repercussions at PIMCO, but the depth of the firm's research capabilities means investors can take some time to assess how Gross' exit will impact the firm before making an investment decision, says Morningstar's Michael Herbst.

  11. A Cheap Tool for Interest-Rate Worriers


    At 20 basis points, iShares Floating Rate Bond Fund ETF is the cheapest way to get exposure to investment-grade floating-rate bonds, which can help hedge against rising interest rates.

  12. Where Should Investors Be Active?


    Active management has a better shot of succeeding in the 'dusty corners' of the market than more liquid portions, says Morningstar's Lee Davidson.

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