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T. Rowe Price's College-Savings Plan Earns an A+

Fri, 31 Oct 2014

This Gold-rated 529 plan offers a stellar suite of T. Rowe Price funds.


Video Transcript

Kathryn Spica: We recently released our annual ratings and research for 64 of the largest 529 college-savings plans. Eight plans received a Gold or Silver rating from our team, reflecting our high conviction that they'll deliver really good outcomes for college savers.

Of the top-rated plans, T. Rowe Price earned a Gold rating. Its college-savings plan is sponsored by the state of Alaska, and it offers a really compelling suite of underlying T. Rowe Price funds. Most of the underlying funds earn Medalist ratings from Morningstar's analysts as well, reflecting our conviction that they're going to be great options.

Compared to some direct-sold plans, it's a little bit pricey; but since it uses actively managed funds, it's relatively reasonably priced. We think over the long haul it's going to be a great option for college savers.

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