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Tax-Loss Selling

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  1. Strong Market Makes Tax-Loss Selling Especially Valuable

    Preharvesting losses can help offset rebalancing pain, but the strategy won't benefit everyone.

  2. Are Stocks in for Tough Sledding?

    Morningstar.com readers are expecting a 'meh' (or worse) showing from stocks for the rest of the year.

  3. 5 Ways to Shrink Your Tax Footprint

    Consider careful asset location, selling losers (and winners), and using the specific-share identification method.

  4. Does the Small-Cap Premium Exist?

    It is unreliable at best.

  5. Is Anything Cheap?

    Retail goods are on sale, but Morningstar.com readers say that investments are looking pricey.

  6. Rebalance, but Not to Excess

    Transaction costs, time horizon, and personality all play a role.

  7. Low-Hanging Fruit

    On the importance of taxes in investing.

  8. Christine Benz's Tips for Turbulent Markets

    Morningstar's director of personal finance recommends locking down short-term income needs in cash-like investments, stress-testing your bond holdings, and staying poised to buy on the dips.

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