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Q3 2013 ETF Managed Portfolios Landscape Summary Report

Demand for U.S. equity and global all-asset strategies highlights advisor interest this year. 

Andrew Gogerty, 12/09/2013

ETF managed portfolios tracked by Morningstar grew by 8% in the third quarter of 2013. Morningstar currently tracks 650 strategies from 150 firms with collective assets of $86 billion. The industry’s continued growth is indicative of the demand for ETF-based investment strategies both as stand-alone investment options and complete portfolio solutions. 

As summarized in the report, demand continued for Global All Asset strategies, but as a group their control of assets has deteriorated to under 32% of assets from nearly 35% of assets earlier this year. At the same time, U.S. Equity strategies have been the primary benefactor, rising to more than 33% of total ETF managed portfolio assets. Advisor demand combined with market appreciation has fueled this growth, but expectations should be kept in check given the duration of the equity rally. 

Changes to this Update
This quarter we’re keeping with the revised layout of the landscape report (summary) used in Q1 2013. We’ve removed the lengthy tables listing all ETF managed portfolio strategies in our database. Updated information on all strategies can be found in both the ETF Managed Portfolio Center on MorningstarAdvisor.com and in Morningstar’s research platforms (Direct, Office, and Workstation). Registered users of the free ETF Managed Portfolio Center can use Morningstar’s proprietary screener to focus their search on one or more potential ETF strategists and portfolios. More in-depth and custom research and analytic tools are available within the separate-account database in Morningstar’s research platforms and can be used to replicate all return, portfolio, and blended benchmark analysis. 

Click here for access to the landscape report. 


Andrew Gogerty is the ETF managed portfolio strategist at Morningstar.

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