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Welcome to the New MorningstarAdvisor.com

We've updated our look and feel and have lots of plans for the future.

Jason Stipp, 10/20/2011

Dear MorningstarAdvisor.com Readers,

As you've noticed, we've made some changes to the look and feel of MorningstarAdvisor.com.

Though our look is new, we're continuing our mission to equip you with a suite of practical investment and business-management resources backed by Morningstar's industry-leading data, advisor tools, security research, and commentary. Initially, our efforts have been focused on streamlining the look and feel of the site to help you better locate the articles and reports you value and more easily find related content with a simplified navigation, a redesigned homepage and quote pages, and a new article layout.

The new MorningstarAdvisor.com is rededicated to bringing you Morningstar's broad data, research, and asset-management capabilities in the context of timely investment and practice management issues, with the aim to help advisors:

Invest Better: MorningstarAdvisor.com's Research & Insights content is furthering its mission to equip advisors with investing reports, well-reasoned analyst commentary, and robust data to formulate, validate, and fine-tune your investment strategies and select the best investments for client portfolios.

Our in-depth, entirely redesigned stock, mutual fund, and ETF data pages were constructed to provide critical context and insight on performance, expense, and portfolio data. We'll be adding and expanding our security data report pages in the coming weeks, and we appreciate your patience during this transition. As we roll these changes out, we are concurrently making the prior security data report pages available to readers. You may access the prior version by clicking the top-right link on any new quote pages.

To augment our data reports, we'll continue to provide integrated and relevant commentary from Morningstar analysts, along with timely video interviews and Q&As with notable asset managers, advisors, and other outside experts. You'll also continue to get select investing reports and industry insights from Morningstar Advisor magazine.

Operate Better: In our Practice Management section, MorningstarAdvisor.com columnists will continue to address core practice management issues, including new technology solutions, pertinent governmental policy changes, client acquisition and branding ideas, investor-behavior management, and time-management tips. In addition, surveys and survey results will help you manage your practice to changing demographics and client needs.

Jason Stipp is Site Editor for Morningstar.com

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