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Take Your 1st Step in Becoming the Person You Want to Be

Here are tips on how to utilize a written assessment to jump-start your personal growth

Allyson Lewis, 08/25/2011

Growing and improving your competencies in your career is a cornerstone value of living The 7 Minute Life. In order to grow and move forward, you must know where you are today. In this article we will help you understand the importance of stepping back from the crushing noise in life and in business and using The 7-Minute Life 90-Day Focus Kit that we talked about in last month's column.

The first tool is The 7-Minute Life Written Assessment Worksheet. And this is why we recommend taking the time to reflect on your current skill sets, time management, and overall health:

--assessments provide a framework to learn more about yourself (such as the following five factors):

   --what you like
   --what you don't like
   --what you are good at doing
   --what you are not good at doing
   --where you find meaning and purpose in your work

--assessments force you to be honest about your own self development
--assessments allow you to embrace new challenges
--assessments are designed to bring positive change
--assessments guide you in future decisions for how you will spend your time

Assessing is a powerful word that requires appraisal, evaluation, and reflection on where you are today in life--and where you want to be 90 days from today.

There are three key takeaways from this article:

1. The reasons why you need to take the time to self assess every 90 days.

Allyson Lewis is the author of The Seven Minute Difference. She speaks about improving time-management, increasing productivity, and rediscovering purpose. Find out more about her new online video training program, The 7 Minute Life System, here. She also has a blog and a Twitter account.

The author is not an employee of Morningstar, Inc. The views expressed in this article are the author's. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Morningstar.

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